Good friends from all walks of life:

        On behalf of all company employees to the long-term concern and support of the Company's development of all sectors of society and of users at home and abroad to extend my sincere thanks! 

        Chemical is a young and mature, healthy and vibrant high-tech enterprises. We have followed a policy of "science and technology leader in the world, is dedicated sea, Wing Chong-class" entrepreneurial spirit and "quality first, the supremacy of credibility" of the purposes of the company, with great enthusiasm and commitment to the creation of the realization of dynamic business management model Committed to the field of high-tech development and innovation, the accumulation of well-structured contingent of talents, to develop and deliver high quality products and services. Industry experts in handling, the Si Cheng. I firmly believe: As long as we all Tong rich people to work hard, study hard, think about all kinds, hard to create, in the face of challenges, brave struggle, we will certainly be able to Tong-rich chemical into a world-class science and technology enterprises. That is why we are with you as to the future with hope and confidence.
        In this new era, we will meet the new needs of social development with the scientific concept of development to carry out all work to maintain a strong fighting spirit of innovation and pragmatic style, take full advantage of significant opportunities for cooperation and strive to raise awareness of the service and quality of service And sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, in the new period, to achieve new development, a new leap forward, to create new brilliance!